Doyle Conflict Resolution, Inc.

Mediation Services

Doyle Conflict Resolution provides mediation and alternative dispute resolution services that are customized for the unique objectives and relationships of the parties that are involved.

Regardless of size or complexity, we take the time to carefully evaluate the relationship of the parties and their desired outcomes. Our goal is to empowers all of the disputing parties to seek and find a resolution that most effectively meets their needs.

Doyle Conflict Resolution offers the following mediation and alternative dispute resolution services:

Mediation of Litigated Cases

Our mediators will guiding all parties and their counsel through court-ordered or voluntary mediation toward self-determination that provides an early termination of the litigation, avoiding both expense and uncertainty.


In complex, multi-party cases, Doyle Conflict Resolution will provide additional mediators from our network of skilled professionals with the right expertise to bring parties together.

Pre-suit Mediation

In an environment of economic uncertainty and escalating litigation costs, many sophisticated parties are turning to mediation to provide a confidential process to explore the possibility of settlement. We work with the parties to negotiate the release of information necessary to good decision making and guide them in interest-based negotiation.

Negotiation Coaching

Successfully resolving a case and avoiding litigation may be achieved with simple negotiation. As a neutral third party, Doyle Conflict Resolution is available to consult with counsel and their clients to help position the parties for a successful negotiation. Our professional team maintains neutrality and helps the parties involved understand and communicate the information required to bring about a satisfactory resolution without the time and expense of discovery in litigation.

Neutral Evaluation

Our team offers expert case evaluation to disputants, individually or jointly, through a panel of well-qualified professionals.

Designed Dispute Resolution

Working with counsel, we assist in designing an alternative dispute resolution process most likely to succeed for the parties involved.

Group Facilitation

Conflict does not always involve legal matters. Doyle Conflict Resolution is available to work with the leadership of corporate or non-profit organizations to facilitate a safe and effective means of communication to resolve leadership disputes and productively move forward.

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